Ultimate Combat Fighting

Delivering Energetic Webcasts To Captive AudiencesLive Webcasting, Event and Media Production Project details Client: Industry: Solution: Ultimate Combat Fighting Sports Webcasting/Event Production Ultimate Combat Fighting A Michigan born MMA style event for reputable, sanctioned fights.  The UCF circuit is the pioneer of sanctioned fighting in Michigan and the first to have their fight promotion license in Michigan.  Promoting some of the most entertaining shows in the state and surrounding areas, the circuit grew to over...

Michigan Water Polo Association

HD Webcasts For Live SportsLive Webcasting and Media Production Project details Client: Industry: Solution: Michigan Water Polo Association Sports Webcasting/Media Production Michigan Water Polo Association The Michigan Water Polo Association administers high school water polo in the state of Michigan. Our sport is not currently sanctioned by the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA), but we conduct competition and activities according to most of the MHSAA policies and guidelines. The MWPA determines playing rules for...

Home Grown Concert Series

HD Video Streaming and LivecastingLive Webcasting and Media Production Project details Client: Industry: Solution: Home Grown Concerts Concert Webcasting/Media Production Home Grown Concert Series A concert series with a twist.  The Home Grown Concert Series featured various regional acts from around the Midwest.  Each week, for eight weeks, five different bands took the stage to entertain and perform their best as they were all after the winning prize.  The finalists also played a special concert...

Michigan Motorcycle Mecca

Delivering HD Webcasts To The WorldLive Webcasting and Media Production Project details Client: Industry: Solution: Michigan Motorcycle Mecca Trade Show Webcasting/Media Production Michigan Motorcycle Mecca The first-ever Michigan Motorcycle Mecca (MMM) – “MICHIGAN’S ELITE, MULTI-CLASS, CUSTOM MOTORCYCLE SHOW EXPERIENCE!”. This amazing exhibition will showcase hundreds of awe-inspiring custom bikes from all popular motorcycle classes, including One-Off Customs, Factory Customs, Factory Cruisers, Sport Bikes and European Bikes. Michigan Motorcycle Mecca will also introduce guests to the...

Meijer State Games of Michigan

When the West Michigan Sports Commission wanted to gain awareness, attendance and viewership of the 2012 games, they called on VIEWDIA.

USA Water Polo

Following the success of the 2012 Junior Olympics, VIEWDIA provided webcasting and media production for the 2012 USA Water Polo Turbo Champions Cup at University of Michigan’s Canham Natatorium.

USA Water Polo Turbo Cup

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