VIEWDIA helps you achieve organic growth and new business by developing and executing comprehensive marketing strategies. Starting with defining customer and target market segments, researching markets, trends and competitors, and implementing a sustainable and SMART plan of action, we utilize the latest marketing tactics to grow accomplish your goals.

We can help you in the following areas:

Market Research

Breaking in to new markets segments and geographic markets is an exhaustive process. We’re here to help you find the right information to make informed decisions. Knowledge is power when expanding your reach.

Target Market Analysis

Do you know your customers well? Let us help analyze your target market purchasing process, demographics, buying behaviors. We can help you create personas to ensure your content and advertising is targeted appropriately.

SEO/Keyword Strategy

VIEWDIA can define and layout a strategy that optimizes your content and ensures you are using the right keywords, phrases, and the most current SEO tactics.

SEM/PPC Strategy and Management

We can help define and manage your digital advertising to make sure you are capitalizing on every dollar spent. VIEWDIA can setup Google PPC campaigns, and automate reports for executive decisions.

Goal/Metric Implementation and Tracking

SMART goals are an imperative when it comes to marketing. Additionally, properly implementing and tracking goals to maximize every effort is just as important. We’re here to help track and monitor goals to make sure you’re trending upward.

Agency Management

Helping manage and define expectations of external marketing agencies. VIEWDIA can help you manage agency relationships and can even introduce you to the agencies that are the best fit for your needs.