Logistics Solutions

How VIEWDIA can help you with your logistics

Import/Export Assistance

The complexities around importing and exporting products are exhausting and growing. There are many forms to complete and many organizations to deal with. We are the exports in helping you save time and money when bringing products in and shipping them out of the U.S.

Order Fulfillment

A major part of eCommerce is fulfilling orders, however there are a few different options to accomplish this. Insourcing vs. outsourcing order fulfillment, and also drop-shipping are major considerations when getting your products to your end user. We can help with business modeling and optimization to figure the best approach for your business.

RFP & RFI Drafting, Management

Drafting and managing requests for information or proposals is a detailed process. It’s important to cover all of the details necessary to be successful with your project. We’re the subject matter experts that can draft and distribute a thorough RFP/RFI, and can manage the responses and the process to ensure you have the best outcome.

Freight/Parcel Auditing and Negotiation

Shipping is a major piece of the supply chain, and can have profound effects on profitability and consumer outlook. We can provide internal and external freight and parcel auditing that saves you time and money. Additionally, we can negotiate with carriers on your behalf to maximize profitability.

Vendor Search and Sourcing

Whether you or your customer are in need of custom branded boxes, API development, metal stamping, raw material, or other services not in your core competencies, VIEWDIA will help you find the right partner for the job. We have global partnerships to help with nearly any solution.

Market Research and Go-to-Market Strategies

Geographic expansion, new products, new markets, doing the due diligence to know what challenges and obstacles lie ahead is key to being prepared and successful. We are also here to execute on the market strategy, developing relationships, implementing marketing tactics, and measuring success.

Facility Layout and Process Improvement

A facility layout is essential to creating an ideal environment that is optimized for time and quality.  We can create a facility layout that allows for seamless flow of materials from bulk storage location to packed box ready for shipping.