Global eCommerce
What's Your Global Strategy?

The global eCommerce industry is growing by more than 18% per year. Consumers are increasingly more comfortable purchasing products online, but there are three things they care most about. The first is delivery time, the second is price, and the third is security of the site they buy from.

Whether you are based in Hong Kong, London, Brazil, Australia, and looking to expand into the US market, or you are a US retailer looking to expand into China, Europe, South America or elsewhere, VIEWDIA creates masterful strategies for global expansion.

Here are some of the key services we implement when helping a company expand into new markets.

Market Research
Get real data on your industry, products, and what the trends are.
Marketplace and Store Management
Design, setup, and integrations for numerous marketplaces and eCommerce platforms
Pricing Strategy
Develop a global pricing strategy, MSRP, and distributor pricing that works for everyone.
Develop, execute, track, refine your marketing and advertising strategy.
Fulfill Orders
Setup a fulfillment and logistics process that works hand in hand with your brand your customers.

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