eCommerce Solutions

The eCommerce industry is exploding, and has been for the past 10 years. Now, more than ever, it is easier for individuals and small businesses to get started selling their products online. Because of the continued evolution of technology, the speed of mobile devices, computing and the availability of the internet, online shopping has become second nature for a lot of people.

In 2018, the US generated $504B in eCommerce business. This number is projected to grow to well over $700B by 2022, according to In 2018, eCommerce is still only around 9.6% of retail sales in the US, and we all know online shopping isn’t getting any less attractive. You can clearly see the opportunity to get started in eCommerce, or expand your existing operation.

Here is how VIEWDIA can help you:

eCommerce Platform Integration

Picking an eCommerce platform such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and others, can be overwhelming. There are many options and features to consider. We can help you evaluate and implement the best platform for you products and business needs.

Marketplace Configuration & Strategy

Getting your products on marketplaces such as Amazon, Google, Walmart, eBay, and others may be a good way to gain new sales. Setting up these marketplaces properly is imperative to your eCommerce success.


Small parcel shipping costs are now a major part of eCommerce businesses. We’re experts in finding the best parcel shipping methods for your products. VIEWDIA can also help you get the best rates possible to cut down on overhead shipping costs.


Bringing products into the U.S.A. from other countries, and exporting to foreign markets. There are many challenges when it comes to tariffs, commodity class, hazardous goods, foreign trade zones, etc. Let VIEWDIA help you navigate these turbulent waters and achieve efficient import/export logistics.

Product/Market Research

Before expanding your product catalog, or exploring new markets, let VIEWDIA help you conduct research that leads you to the right decisions.


Not only can we help with eCommerce platform selection, we can help you design and develop your eCommerce website. We work with numerous CMS platforms and can create outstanding, effective eCommerce websites.